Frequently Asked Questions


What are individual eyelash extensions?

Individual eyelash extensions are skillfully attached individually to your own natural lash by a trained professional. These are not to be confused with the cluster lashes that are marketed as individual lashes by some. The difference is all in the product and the application of the individual extensions. True individual eyelash extensions should never be attached to more than 1 natural eyelash, nor should they ever touch the skin on your eyelid.  They are meticulously adhered to the natural lash by using a special adhesive that is made specifically for extensions.  They are resistant to water, heat, cold, can be worn throughout any season, and can be worn all year round.


What are the benefits of individual eyelash extensions?

Extensions are used to create the illusion that your natural lashes are longer in length, thicker, and fuller. The curl creates the effect that the natural eyes are more open and awake. A full set creates a gorgeous and lush lash line as if you are wearing eyeliner. They come in a variety of colors such as black, brown, and special colors. The most popular color is black, because it creates the illusion of having mascara on without the fuss and the mess. For me a great set of lashes is all you need..dab a little gloss on and you are good to go. Your lashes can look flawless 24/7, and you too can say #Iwokeuplikethis. 


What are individual eyelash extensions made out of?

The extensions are commonly found to be made out of synthetic fibers to recreate faux mink and silk. There are extensions for everyone’s liking with luxury extensions being offered by some brands in 100% Mink fur, and 100% Fox hair which is the newest on the market.  No animals are harmed in the making of these extensions. The hairs are cultivated and collected by hand after brushing the hairs. I have found that the real hair extensions feel extremely soft, and create a fluffier effect.


What sizes do the extensions come in?

Individual eyelash extensions come in a variety of curls: with the most common J ,B, C, D, and L+ curls (with J curl being the most natural and D curl being the most dramatic cur). They come in lengths ranging from 6mm-14mm. They also come in different thicknesses (diameter) from the thinnest on the market in 0.05mm to the thickest being 0.20mm.


What is the process of this service?

You will be lying down with your eyes closed during the entire procedure. Your lower lashes are isolated, and typically kept out of the way by the use of a beauty gel pad that has the benefits of a soothing eye treatment. You should arrive to your appointment makeup free, and your lashes will be deep cleansed at the beginning of the service. A relaxing environment is created, and 95% of clients always tend to fall asleep.  The duration of the process is average 1.5-2 hours for a classic set, and 2-3hrs for a Volume set. 


How do I know if this service is appropriate for me?

You should always do a thorough consultation with your Lash Artist to make sure that you are a candidate for this service. Your natural lashes will be analyzed, and will be determined if they are healthy, thick, thin, or fragile. From that point the appropriate curl, length, and thickness will be selected accordingly for you.


 Will they damage my natural eyelashes?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about individual eyelash extensions. NO, as long as they are done properly they will not damage your natural lashes. This is why it is important that a consultation is performed by your Lash Artist. You should always make sure that they are properly trained, and certified by a reputable lash training program.  In order for your natural lashes not to be compromised extensions should only be attached to one natural eyelash, and none of your natural eyelashes should ever be sticking together.


How long do they last?

Individual eyelash extensions are Semi-permanent, and do not last forever. This will all depend on your natural hair growth cycle. Everybody’s hair growth cycle is different and loose lashes differently. Some people’s lashes shed a lot quicker than other (yes, our lashes shed). You may not notice your natural lash when it sheds since it is very fine. Our lashes shed and grow back out continuously. Our hair growth cycle goes through 3 different stages:


-Anagen phase: In which the hair grows about 1 cm every 28 days with an active growth phase of about 30-45 days
-Catagen phase: This is the transitional stage which occurs at the end of the anagen phase and last about 2-3 weeks while hair converts to a club hair.
-Telogen phase: Resting phase and account for 10-15% of all hairs.


Your natural lashes shed every 45-90 days, and as your natural lash sheds the extension will shed along with it. I would take approximately 6-8 weeks for all of the extensions to shed along with your natural lashes. With that being said to maintain a nice full look you would be required to get a fill in anywhere between 2-3 weeks. In addition, following proper after care instructions will help your extensions to last longer. The extensions can be worn for a special event, or all year round without any damage to your natural eyelashes.


How should I prepare for my appointment?

Please arrive makeup free! It is important that your face is squeaky clean, and free of any oils. Your lashes will be cleaned thoroughly prior to application, but there is certain eye makeup,  and mascara's that take forever to remove. If you wish to have your makeup removed professionally, please be advised that there is a $25.00 fee. 

Please make sure to eat something prior to your appointment. Depending on the selected style that you desire your appointment can take anywhere from 1hr 30min - 3hrs.

Please turn your cell phone off during your appointment. There is a huge safety issue trying to open your eyes during your appointment. 

Please, no children allowed. You will be laying down with your eyes closed during your appointment, which will limit you to be able to watch them properly.

Please allow yourself enough time to make it to your appointment. Anyone arriving 20 minutes late will have to reschedule their appointment. 


Can I still wear mascara?

Even though you will look as if you are wearing mascara some clients still like a little va va voom, and it is totally fine wearing mascara as long as it is water based. Oil based mascara’s could potentially break down the adhesive causing the extension to shed prematurely. Most importantly only apply the water based mascara to the tips of your extensions. Applying from the root will cause too much friction, and could loosen up the extension. When using eye makeup make sure to clean your lashes, and lash line thoroughly with an oil-free makeup remover every night.


What is the average cost for this type of service?

The average cost for an initial set of individual eyelash extensions start at $150.00 on up. It all depends on the type of set that you are requesting, if you are requesting real hair versus synthetic, and the expertise level of your Lash Artist. The average cost of refills start at $50.00 on up.   


Are eyelash extensions appropriate for Brides?

If you are a bride this is an amazing must have for your big day to go along with your fabulous dress, your fabulous bridal up do, and your fabulous makeup. The extensions will really help to play up your eyes, and will look amazing for photography purposes. I always suggest getting your lashes done at least 1 weeks prior to your big day to make sure that they will be appropriate for you .This gives you enough time to make sure that you are satisfied with the final look, allows you to get used to wearing them. On your big day your lashes will look nice, lush and full. If you are continuing straight to your honeymoon you can continue to enjoy your new lashes and look fabulash!


Do you have a Professional Makeup Artistry Portfolio? 

Yes, I do! Please visit my Professional Website at (will open in a new page).